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Laser Photofacial (sun damage repair) & Pigmentaion Spot Treatments

LASER FACIAL / PHOTO REJUVENATION Penetrates the layers of skin targeting extra pigmentation caused by sun damage and hormonal changes. Also stimulates cellular turn-over that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore size, stimulation of collagen production, strengthens elasticity and overall condition and feel of the skin. Provides the most benefit to those with mild to moderate skin damage. This non-ablative laser treatment causes minimal post treatment care, with little or no down time. Sun exposure/tanning beds must be avoided a minimum of 4 weeks prior and post treatment.

Consultations are free and test spots are included.

Treatments: Full Face ($200)  *Other areas of the body can be treated such as: chest, back, shoulders, hands, arms and are priced based on size during the free consultation.

Individual spots can be treated as a pigment reduction treatment only. Price is based on number of spots.

$20 and up.

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