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Spa Packages

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MINI SPA ESCAPE (approximately 1.15 hrs.) When you just need to take some time to relax but cannot get away for too long. Offers a 30 min. Relaxation Facial and 30 min. Relaxation/Swedish Massage.  $80    


SPA ESCAPE SPECIAL (approximately 2.5 hrs.) 60 min. Relaxation Facial and 60 min. Relaxation/Swedish Massage.  $140



GENTLEMEN’S SPA ESCAPE SPECIAL (approximately 2.5 hrs.) Gentlemen’s Relaxation Facial and a 60 min.Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage.  $150    


THERAPEUTIC SPA ESCAPE SPECIAL (approximately 2.5 hrs.) 60 min. Deep Tissue Massage, and a 60 min. Anti-aging Ultra Sound Facial.  $175  


ULTIMATE SPA ESCAPE SPECIAL (approximately 3.5 hrs.) 90 minute Relaxation Facial and 90 minute Swedish Massage with a Sea Salt Foot Scrub add on.  $195

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