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Massages byPain Rescue 

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Therapist, Kevin Toutant


Relaxation / Swedish Massage


Eases mental stress as well as physical tensions. Involves a combination of smooth strokes, compression and pressure point manipulation to ensure a happier, healthier you!


30 min. $45     45 min. $60     60 min. $75     75 min. $90     90 min. $115

Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Massage


Firm pressure and mild stretching techniques relieve stressed, tight muscles, and increases the flow of circulation.


30 min. $50     45 min. $65      60 min. $85     75 min. $100      90 min. $125   

Pregnancy Massage


Customized to help overall fatigue and aching joints associated with pregnancy. Careful attention is made to positioning and the amount of pressure, leaving moms pampered, stress free, and rested. Only allowed after the first trimester.


60 min. $80

Chair Massage  


A seated massage that focuses on back, shoulders, neck and arms. It is done over clothes and doesn't require any massage oil. The therapist relieves muscle tension using therapeutic massage moves like kneading, comprehension and tapotement.


20 min. $25


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