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Relaxation Facial


Indulge your senses with a relaxation facial performed by one of our licensed and experienced aestheticians. Begin with a paraffin hand dip, then a deep cleansing will be the next step in your personalized service. An enzyme mask, activated by steam will then be applied to help exfoliate and soften the skin. After a warm towel has removed your mask, you can enjoy the massage portion of the treatment, which includes upper body, face and scalp manipulation.

Then a customized mask will be chosen to promote healthy, beautiful skin.  A hydrator will be applied to help retain moisture in the skin. Great for any skin type.


30 min. (excludes paraffin hand treatment) $45
60 min. $75

90 min. $100

Anti-Aging Ultrasound Facial


Firms and plumps skin while promoting the cell renewal process. We begin with a deep cleansing treatment to prepare the skin. An exfoliation and skin firming treatment penetrates the skin to reach the dermal layer. A toning mask to brighten, smooth, and soften your skin will leave a healthy radiant glow. Conclude with a skin firming cream that is applied to help increase elasticity.


60 min. $100

Eye Rejuvenation Facial


This full service therapeutic facial has all the benefits of our Relaxation Facial but also includes an eye hydration mask containing marine, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arubtin, Mt. Lily extract, white tea extract, Vitamin E, rose essential oils and more. These ingredients will pamper and rejuvenate the fragile eye area and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, tighten and smooth the skin under the eye leaving it looking firmer and suppler. Great for all skin types.


60 min. $90

90 min. $115

Acne Facial


Designed for problematic skin to clean out congested areas, treat blemishes, clogged pores oily skin, and seborrhea.  This treatment starts with a deep pore cleansing followed by a refinement under steam to help open pores, soften the sebum, and prepare the skin for extractions. An anti-inflammatory medicated mask is then applied. An ultra-light oil free moisturizer completes this treatment.


60 min. $85

Back Facial


Give your back the same treatment as your face. Start with a deep pore cleansing, followed by an exfoliating mask with steam to refresh the skin and treat blemishes. An application of warm oil leads into a relaxing massage and followed by a mask customized to your needs.


30 min. $50

Gentlemen's Relaxation Facial


Same as the relaxation facial except the products used are formulated to meet the specific needs of a man's skin type.


30 min. $45

60 min. $75

90 min. $100

Facial Add- Ons


Red or Blue Light Therapy $20

Microdermabrasion $55

Ultrasound Treatment - $25

Sophisticated sound technology penetrates deep below the surface of the skin to promote cellular renewal and repair, tone muscles, increase blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, combat puffiness and swelling, and improve skin care product penetration.

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